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Eddie's Group provides services in the cities of: Marietta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Duluth and in all Atlanta Georgia.


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Atlanta Carpentry Contractors


 It’s the common belief that carpentry, unlike all the other professions in the world cannot be done by just anybody who has the knowledge. It’s an art and it requires talent. What draws the attention and gets well praised is not just any piece of furniture done but the furniture or whatever the final product with many details and descriptive features. Therefore carpentry requires a lot of talent and creativity. Carpentry is all about the knowledge and skill plus how you manipulate it to create something beautiful and elegant at the end of the project. And also it requires a lot of physical effort and interaction to do the job. So as we can see, carpentry is the full involvement of the body heart and mind.


Eddie's Group Professional Carpentry


Carpentry nowadays has entered into the machine world where carpenters use machines to design and build an item. While the primary material used is wood, the construction of walls with metal studs, concrete formwork with reusable metal forms, and synthetic PVC is a carpentry skill. Eddie’s Group works with the technology and premium materials to give a firm and safe structure and what we feel are the finest finishes to your house and business. One of our goals is to make you earn your money, one way is by replacing the brick molding with synthetic PVC that does not rot and is life lasting, so you should not invest in this anymore.
Our carpentry works are more than just associated with wooden items, furniture and decors. Having the best designs in your exterior and exterior can brighten up everyone’s mood. It’s therefore very important to us, to give you well experienced and efficient carpenter in Atlanta to design and build all your carpentry needs.


If you need a job to be done, but you don´t have time, we solve your problem!
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